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Definition Ontonik© - Ontonics
"Erkenntnisse der Ontologie für die Technik nutzbar machen"

Explanation Ontologics®
"Erkenntnisse der Ontologie durch Anwendung der Logik für die Technik nutzbar machen"

(Christian Stroetmann 1995)

Ontonics is an analytical and descriptive discipline, ontologics is formal. They are, however, closely connected and interrelated disciplines, affecting one another. The product of ontonics is a (usually) complex description of the ontological universe, whereas ontologics supplies different theories, valuesystems and axioms of this universe.

Explanation Ontology
In philosophy, ontology was originally perceived by ancient philosophers as the study of being. They asked:

  • "What means the statement "X is"?" and
  • "Which things are?".
(Aristotle 350 BC)

In ontonics, an ontology is that part of the system which specifies:

  • What things exist and
  • what is true about them.

Explanation Ontologics
In philosophy, ontologics is an investigation of ontological connect- ions, concerning particularly logical relations between pieces of ontonical information. Also, it is a theory of the fundament of those relations.
Ontologics considers the organization of the ontological universe, trying to describe its mechanism. It formalizes the complexity of the Being, looking for the Logos - its laws and base.

An ontologic in ontonics is that part of the system which specifies:

  • What things let other things exist and
  • what is the valuesystem of these things.

(Jerzy Perzanowski 1990, Christian Stroetmann 1995)

Explanation Computational Ontology
In computer science for example, a (computational) ontology is used in a narrower sense as a specification of a conceptualization or, in other words, as a concise and unambiguous description of what principal entities are relevant in an application domain and how they can relate to each other. The entities can be objects, processes, functions, predicates, or of other type depending on the selected representation formalism.
An ontology can also be seen as a model that describes concepts and the relationships among them, combining an abstraction hierarchy of concepts with a semantic network of relationships.

A computational ontology is not a collection of facts that arise from an actual, specific situation but it defines and provides all semantic entities and their potential interactions that would be necessary to completely describe that situation. Neither is an ontology a model for an application domain, but a compendium that holds all necessary "building blocks" with rules of how and which entities can relate to each other and which ones are ontologically incompatible.

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